Mountain peaks, crevasses, layers of prehistoric material, granite, slate, fossils, geological events, cartography, forms in nature; I capture their essence. Places, colours, objects collected; I find nature and science the source of my inspiration; deep greens of invading moss, verdigris of decayed copper, burnt orange of rust on metal, the many shades of stones and minerals. Lines, shapes, opposites attracting, are the core of my work. I respond to the surrounding environment with a conceptual approach.
My work investigates the relationship between landscapes, seasons, atmospheric changes, structures and cycles in nature; movement, time, space and distance. Documenting events and questioning how to present them, translating a walk into an artwork, using a variety of media from paintings, paper works, fabric, sculptures, photographs, video, to installations, land art, site-specific, and conceptual art.
I’ve always had a special love for working on paper and using Black Indian Ink, the speed at which I work is fundamental, making the marks almost subconsciously. The space around the lines and marks are just as necessary as are omissions, acceptance and refusal. The work may not reference a recognisable form; the results are often in a deconstructed form. I use few materials within different processes for each project, these, in turn, are often linked by subject matter, style or colour following a continual theme.
Nature is my muse. I currently live and work in Parma, Italy.

Francesca Consigli was born in London, England.
Hornsey College of Art 1977-78
Middlesex University 1978-81
Batchelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design
Post Graduate
Royal College of Art 1981-84
Master of Arts Degree in Graphic Design.
She worked as an illustrator for several years in London before moving to Italy to concentrate on her painting, sculpture and installation work. In early 2011, ADAMstudio11 was created. It was dissolved in 2019.