Figure of 8

N 44° 23’ 14,353” E 10° 2’ 57,03”

Walking Around the Lakes in a Figure of Eight. Emilia Romagna, 2012 Site-specific installation

Two days. Twin lakes. Northern Apennines. November 2012. A walk.
Walking around the lakes in “a figure of eight”.
One step at a time. Tracing the figure “8” by walking. 2,7 km.
Path blocked. There were diversions away from the shoreline. Not too many.
During the walk, we gathered eight phrases:
Cobalt blue.
Una grotta. (A cave.)
Torrential rain the night before.
Una trota controcorrente. (A trout swimming upstream.)
Albero spezzato. Alberi legati. (Broken tree. Conjoined trees.)
Foglie secche. (Dried leaves.)
Still water.

An Adamstudio11 project.